Parker provides a broad spectrum of industrial hose products, as well as engineering and manufacturing expertise that is second to none.

Proven industrial hose systems from Parker are powerful, high quality solutions designed to meet the assorted demands of the marketplace. By choosing Parker, you are ensured of an individual hose assembly that will deliver maximum life, safe handling on the job and productivity.

Our hose systems efficiently and cost-effectively handle any application, conveying materials as diverse as water and hazardous chemicals. No matter how strenuous your hose requirements, Parker will go above and beyond the call of duty to meet them.



Parker offers fittings that provide leak free solutions. Fitting styles include – hydraulic, pneumatic and instrumentation. 
Parker fittings generally connect a hose assembly to a port or adapter and are manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of SAE, ISO, DIN, DOT and JIS standards. 
Fittings from Parker are available in a variety of styles including: High purity and process fittings


Parker offers the widest range of specialty, industrial, hybrid and hydraulic hose in the industry. 
Low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure pneumatic and hydraulic hose that is heat, ozone and weather resistant, chemical resistant, oil and flame resistant, UV resistant and abrasion resistant is available from Parker. 
Parker's pneumatic and hydraulic hose is manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of SAE, DOT, USCG, ISO, DNV, EN, MSHA, German Lloyd, ABS, CARB, FDA, NFPA, CSA, NGV, ANSI and UL-21 LPG standards.


Parker offers quick connect and quick disconnect couplings for hydraulic, pneumatic and medical applications. 
Parker quick disconnect couplings are used to connect and/or disconnect hydraulic or pneumatic lines quickly and easily without the use of tools, which is why Parker offers quick disconnect couplings in a wide variety of styles, such as: Non spill and double-shut-off quick couplings Connect under pressure quick couplings.


Parker offers tubing in both single and bonded designs. Available tubing includes thermoplastic, fluoropolymer, metal, PVC and PTFE.
Parker's thermoplastic, fluoropolymer and metal tubing provide the widest range of tubing products in the industry and are manufactured to meet or exceed industrial specification requirements of DOT, DIN, ISO, SAE and FDA standards.


Parker's valve offering includes hydraulic, pneumatic, instrumentation, refrigeration and aerospace in a variety of types and various configurations. Parker valve brand names include Apitech, Colorflow, Commercial, Denison, Gresen, IQAN, Manatrol, Manapak, Schrader Bellows, Republic, Sinclair Collins, Skinner, Sporlan and Sterling. Parker valve types can be manual, motor actuated or solenoid operated while mounting configurations can be sub-based, in-line or manifold.
Parker valve types include:
• Ball, solenoid, needle and check
• Plug, bleed, poppet and purge
• Metering, manifold, proportional and diaphragm
• Bulk gas valves
• Butterfly, flare and shuttle
• Directional, bankable and microfluidic
• Mobile motion control
• Electronic and electrohydraulic
• Servo, DIN slip in or threaded cartridge
• Pressure control, safety relief, shut off and thermostatic expansion